Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello Kitty!

Check out that photo! And there's more where that came from!

The Cats’ House, designed by Japanese architecture firm Fauna +DeSIGN, was built for the owners' 16 (!) cats and 5 dogs. I read about this Japanese house specially tailored for cats on MODERNCAT. Click here for the full post; it's absolutely worth a read. I am blown away by the quality and aesthetic flair of this casa. (I know this is for cats, but I would have really enjoyed some of these hideaways as a kid, too.)

I'd really love to do floor-to-ceiling scratching pole for Theo and Ollie... I could devise a scratch wall, I suppose, but it would have to have a big pay-off, like a perching ledge or something. Hmm. The wheels are turning.

Have any of my dear readers tried cat shelves, like this house has on the walls?

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  1. This is great. When we buy a house when I'm done school we're totally going to try big scratching poles and shelves for them.
    A scratch wall would be great - like a climbing wall for cats.