Monday, December 7, 2009

Strop It!

Strop! In the name of Love!

It's no secret that cats love to scratch things. What was news to me was that there’s a special term for this behavior—stropping.

The hallowed tome, Know Your Cat

Side note: I saw this book at Barnes & Noble recently and had to get it. The cover was eye-catching and the author’s name is Francesca (Riccomini), so it was obviously a sign! I’ll share other neat tidbits from The Other Francesca as we move forward.

According to TOF (The Other Francesca), stropping serves several purposes, like marking territory (cats have tiny scent glands in their paws!) to sharpening their claws. You may notice that your cats will even strop on walls! The higher the mark, the more dominant the marker will be perceived. Cats also tend to strop near doorways. They especially like to strop when they wake up, so consider it wise to keep a scratching post near their favorite napping spot.

Ollie LOVES to strop, particularly next to my closet door. This makes sense, since the closet serves as the base of her operations.

Do your cats strop? Have you ever heard this term before?

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