Friday, January 22, 2010

The Most Beautiful Cat in the World

Here's a quick one for y'all.

The first thing you need to know is that I have two ultimate, favorite, beloved cat breeds: the Birman and the Somali. To each their own, but I am such a sucker for those specific cats. The fur! The colors! The eyes!!

So imagine my surprise when, a few years ago while I worked in an office made out of someone's guest house in Los Angeles (true albeit long story), what did I find but... what seemed to be... a BIRMAN KITTEN. She was just flouncing around in the back yard near the guest house. There was no question she was stray. She was dirty and skinny, ridden with fleas. I captured her and fostered her and found her the most fantastic home ever.

May I present...

Sophie, the Most Beautiful Cat in the World

This is a photo taken of her when she was a kitten, just before she went to her fur-ever home. I will post an adult photo of her tomorrow! This will be a much more pleasant before-and-after than Heidi Montag. Trust.

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  1. She's adorable. Can't wait to see her all grown up! No doubt whatsoever that it'll be better than anything Speidi Have a great weeeknd.