Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cats on a Plane!!

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means travel for a lot of you out there, myself included. Come December, I’ll embark on my annual, transcontinental journey from California all the way to the snowy tundras of Michigan—only this year, I’ll have a travelling companion: PEARL.

Yes, Pearl is hitching a ride to The Mitten, which means I have to find the perfect airline-approved carrier. Unfortunately, the one I’ve set my heart on is too pricey to seriously entertain. Ah, the SleepyPod.

The SleepyPod is one of those products that you wish you’d never seen, because once you do, you’ll never forget it, and simply nothing else can compare.

O SleepyPod, I love you, but you are too proud. I’m still shopping around for a safe and attractive bargain, so we’ll see what I turn up with.

Any suggestions? Send them my way!

1 comment:

  1. I have traveled on an airplane twice! I went under the seat in a Sherpa carrier. It was pretty comfy. But the SleepyPod looks even betterer.