Thursday, November 5, 2009

Skelecats in the Closet!

I have to admit, a closet seems like a pretty good place to nap to me, and if you're a cat, what could be better? Closets are dark with plenty of places to hide, excellent for ambushing fellow felines or unsuspecting humans, and there are soft clothes all around with the comforting smell of your human on them...

I gave up the fight long ago and leave some old sweatshirts in the darkest corner for my cats to nestle in and they love it. Theo in particular retreats to the closet when he needs some time to be quiet and reflect. I call it his Fortress of Solitude.

Not all cats require a Closet Cave; some prefer Bed Lurking or the Cat Sack (like Ollie), but a private and safe "hidey-hole" is a must for each of your cats. It's important for them to feel like they have a place of their own to unwind.

Where does your cat like to chillax?