Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's a CATTOO?

Pearl has a Cattoo, and you should get one, too. Come on! Everybody’s doing it. >:-)

Actually, Pearl is the only cat I know on a purrsonal basis with a Cattoo, aka cat tattoo, but I'm hoping it becomes the next big thing, because there's a very clever idea behind it.

So What’s Up with This Cattoo?
Pearl was spayed prior to her official adoption, per East Bay SPCA regulations. I faintly remembered when Ollie had been spayed, so I knew what to do. I checked Pearl’s incision regularly to make sure everything was healing properly, and things were looking normal.

About a week and a half after Pearl's surgery, the shelter called to see how she was acclimating, and to ask how she’d recovered from the operation...

Francesca: Pearl is looking good! But I did want to ask you guys about her stitches, because they still look very prominent.
EBSCPA: Oh, you mean the blue-ish line on her stomach?
Francesca: Yep, that’s the one.
EBSCPA: Ah! Not stitches. That’s a tattoo!
Francesca: A whaaaaaa?

EBSPCA: We tattooed her! You see, when a male cat’s been neutered, it’s easy to tell, you just look at the ahem. However, there’s little evidence left to indicate whether or not a female cat has been spayed. There have been some cases when we’ve operated on female cats, for example stray cats that we have no medical history for, and we get inside… and nothing’s there. They’ve already been spayed. That’s why we tattoo our female cats after spaying. It’s an easy way for anyone to tell that the operation has already been done.
Francesca: BRILLIANT!

Here’s a picture of Pearl’s CATTOO

The naked eye cannot see the Cattoo.

Voila. Scandalous! Please don't tell her mother.

Whoever came up with this idea is GENIUS. I encourage you all to talk to the shelters and vets that you know, and see if they’ve heard of this Cattooing. If they haven’t, maybe they’ll start! It seems like a smart idea to me. It would be great for any kind of female animal.

Does anyone else have a Cattoo?

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