Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Me-ow You Doin'?

What an event, Paw de Chat's first posting! >^..^<

Since our topic is (and shall always remain) CATS, it seems fitting that I share with you a few images of my inspiration.

My Terrible Two
First up is Theodore Arthur, a domestic short hair orange tabby. He's four years old and quite the character. His favorite activites are kneading, creeping, and inventing new meows. He's also a pro with a feather cat teaser. It seems to me that the late MJ's "Thriller" was Theo's inspiration. He's got it down!

And then there's Olivia Lily. She's a three-year-old domestic short hair brown tabby. Ollie, as I affectionately call her, is a cuddler. She likes to snuggle and especially enjoys burrowing into down comforters or her "cat sack." More to come on that later.

Cute cat pictures are always welcome, so send them in!

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