Sunday, November 8, 2009


This cat takes her chess game very seriously.

I especially like this photo because it reminds me of a cat that I grew up with named Guy. Guy was an incredibly savvy street cat that my aunt adopted. He was so clever that he'd look both ways before he crossed the street. He kept himself impeccably groomed, and this included cleaning his own teeth.

I was in my aunt's kitchen on a quiet summer day when I heard a bizarre gnawing sound... it seemed to be coming from just beneath the kitchen window. I peered out and saw Guy, gnawing at the roots of some shrubbery, his head tilted to the side just like our Grandmaster here.

I spied him performing this part of his routine on a regular basis, and his teeth were some of the shiniest, whitest fangs I've ever seen. This can't be a coincidence. Did he discover this on his own, or was he taught by some other fastidious alleycat?

Do any of your cats "clean" their teeth like this?

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