Friday, November 13, 2009

TeleCats: The Scratch Lounge

Our very first Product Demonstration. Paw de Chat presents:
The Scratch Lounge.

If you've fallen in love, here's the website: As I mentioned, I bought mine at Petco!


  1. Do want! I am going to add this to my Christmas wish list.

  2. it's been a little over a year.. how's that scratcher holding up? would love a followup video review :3

    love the videos. keep them coming!

  3. I have a question!

    I've had my cat for about two years now and she still claws everything in sight! Whether it's my carpet, shoes, or leather couch, my cat will gladly shred away. I've gotten her scratching posts, cat toys, and similar products to the cardboard contraption presented above.

    Clipping their nails only serves as a temporary solution, and they do still chew on whatever they can get their little mouths around. I'm also against de-clawing, so I didn't even take that option into consideration.

    I feel there might not be a solution and that my cats are just destroyers by nature. So I guess what I'm really wondering is, all products aside, did you get that coffee table at Blueprint? I've seen similar models there and I'm definitely on the market for one just like it.