Thursday, November 12, 2009

No Treats, NO TRICKS!

Theo's training isn't going very well thus far, and there's one big problem. This kitteh doesn't like many treats! Theo's absolute favorite, tried and true dish is Fancy Feast Beef Feast, grilled. He is one finicky feline.

Any of the Fancy Feasts that have a "shredded" look and are smothered in gravy are suitable as well. He will not, under any circumstances, tolerate a "loaf." We've tried fancier feasts (read: more expensive and très gourmet organic food), but he'd rather starve than eat these better-for-you blends and stages hunger strikes.

The Feast, and nothing but the Feast, so help you God.

Being picky about meals is one thing; I get that. But Theo is just as particular when it comes to treats. The cats I grew up with were lovers of "Pounce." Ollie will eat practically anything, as I discovered the day she absconded with a mini strawberry & marshmallow pancake I'd been eating, carrying it off to her lair. I know it's terrible to allow cats to eat human food, but I have to be honest... On the rare occasions when I indulge in Burger King, it's nice to sit with Ollie, side by side as we nibble. She adores french fries.

Theo, looking on with disdain.

Theo won't eat anything but Beef Feast! How am I to train him?! I saw some dried fish flakes at my pet store, and I may invest. I have the feeling that the grosser the treat is, the more likely he'll be to eat it.

Do your cats have a favorite treat you could recommend?

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